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Black voices in the wellness space: A directory

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Follow, learn, support and share.

We all have a responsibility to make sure that the real estate we occupy in this world, be it physical or virtual, contributes to the greater good. We stand for the Black Lives Matter movement and will be dedicating this space, no matter how small it is, towards amplifying Black voices in our industry. These are the people and organisations we've been following and learning from, and whose work must be shouted from rooftops across the planet. We hope you will join us in ensuring that this movement, active and wide-reaching today, remains active and wide-reaching tomorrow.

Alishia McCullough

“Licensed mental health therapist, social justice warrior, promoter of fat liberation and racial healing, trauma informed ED”

Follow on Instagram: @blackandembodied

Buy her book: Blossoming

Support her work: Venmo/AlishiaMcCullough

Black Girl in Om

“Creating space for black women to breathe easy”

Follow on Instagram: @blackgirlinom

Subscribe to their newsletter: Black Girl in Om website

Support their work: Black Girl in Om website

Brown Girl Self-Care

"Helping Black women healing from trauma go from 'every once in a while' self-care to EVERY DAY self-care"

Follow on Instagram: @browngirlselfcare

Subscribe to their newsletter: Brown Girl Self-Care

Dive In Well

Cultivating space, community, conversations & change for diversity in wellness”, founded by Maryam Mayaji

Follow on Instagram: @diveinwell

Donate to their crowdfunding campaign: IFundWomen


“Superfood health and beauty for every body”, founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori

Follow on Instagram: @golde

Buy their products: Golde website

Haile Thomas

Teen wellness activist, founder of The Happy Org

Follow on Instagram: @hailethomas

Preorder her book: Living Lively

Heal Haus

New York concept providing an inclusive space for holistic health and wellness

Follow on Instagram: @healhaus

Donate via Paypal or Venmo: Heal Haus website

Jessica Wilson

Dietician. Consultant. Activist”

Follow on Instagram: @jessicawilson.msrd

Healing While Black

“Unapologetically blaqueer content to decolonise mental health” created by Josh Odam

Follow on Instagram: @healingwhileblack

Support his work: Patreon

Jackie Iyamah

“A UX designer, researcher and writer in the wellness space”

Follow on Instagram: @ogorchukwuu

Buy her book: The Geometry of Being Black

Fund her work: Paypal

Therapy for Black Girls

Mental health resource founded by psychologist Dr Joy Harden Bradford

Follow on Instagram: @therapyforblackgirls

You Look Okay to Me

Digital space for the chronically ill, founded by journalist Jameisha Prescod

Follow on Instagram: @youlookokaytome

Note: This list is non-exhaustive and will continue to grow. Leave us a comment below or email us at if you'd like to contribute.

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