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Every day, I'm amazed by the many roles women play in society. Caregiver. Nurturer. Educator. Professional. Business leader. Entrepreneur. Peer. Mentor. Regardless of whether these roles were assigned or adopted, all the women in my life have stepped up to them seriously and with pride. 

My goal at Coping Cards Company is to be a source of comfort and support to women as they take on the uphill task of giving their best in these roles. Stress, worry, anxiety and self-doubt are daily struggles for so many of us, and yet, targeted and accessible solutions remain far and few between. It is time we create them.

My first card deck, No Worries, is themed around worry and anxiety. It contains transformational language, carved into journal prompts, affirmations and rules for setting healthy boundaries. It is now available for you to buy for yourself or a woman you love. My dream is for the deck to bring you to a level of self-awareness, self-love and self-mastery that makes taking care of yourself a natural priority and not an afterthought. 


This is only the beginning. To support women with their mental wellness needs, I will continue to work on analog products under the No Worries umbrella. And in future, I hope to introduce other themes into the mix.

Please write to me at about products you'd like to see or themes you'd like me to address. I love hearing from you.

Meanwhile, take care of yourself so you can take care of business. You've got this.

Your friend, H


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